Which New Games are the Most Promising in 2022?

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Look out for what's coming out in the next few months and what might be worth playing when games from 2020 and 2021 come out and share with you all the little details you might otherwise miss. It's our mission to make sure you don't waste your money or time on a game that will never be great - one of the best ways to do this is by publishing online game previews before they hit beta.
The selected players are those online and role-playing games that will appear in 2022 or at least play in the alpha/beta version that he considers the most relevant. An exciting turning point is expected in 2022.

Lost Ark
Since saw the first trailer in 2014, Lost Ark has been our Diablo MMO: an action MMORPG from an ISO point of view, with a high group coefficient, some of which always seem to be falling The rising flame or split. Lost Ark is a full-featured MMORPG, oriented towards Guild Wars 2 than Diablo 3. In addition to the Hack'n Slay massacre, Lost Ark provides players with many things to do and explore. One of the main focuses of the game is sailing. The Lost Ark is now in theaters in South Korea and Russia. Players from Europe can work a little harder to play Lost Ark, but the release in Europe is still pending, even though the developer Smilegate has been flashing in our direction since 2018.

Which New Games are the Most Promising in 2022?

+ Development till now
+ MMORPG with all functions
+ Exciting gameplay due to Hack'n Slay elements

- EU release later in February 2022-the game has been postponed several times.
- Communication has grown by leaps and bounds over the years
- Risks of Pay2Win issued by the European Union?

Scheduled to be released in 2022:
Scheduled to be released in 2022-on February 12, The Lost Ark will appear in the west. If you're looking for Lost Ark Gold to sink your teeth into, LostArkGold is here to help! LostArkGold is a reader-run website that provides in-depth coverage for new MMOs and MMORPGs.

Diablo Immortal
This is the Diablo mobile phone. The player should use the touch screen and thumb to do what he has been doing with the mouse and keyboard since 1997: fight in the hell world, loot, and levels be happy and defeat giant demons. Diablo Immortal will provide six professions: Barbarian, Wizard, Monk, Necromancer, Demon Hunter, and Crusader. The mobile game will bring four copies, social functions, and guild support. In the story, Diablo Immortal is played between Diablo 2 and 3.

Diablo 4

+ The principle of the game is foolproof, tried-and-tested, and effective
+ Diablo is a cult brand
+ So far, the feedback from the testers has been excellent
+ Strategically speaking, the game is crucial to Blizzard, so high quality is worth looking forward to

- Blizzard Carnival has a poor start
- Blizzard seems to ignore it
- Blizzard has a lot of turmoil now
- No release date yet

What expect in 2022:
Look forward to the release. Diablo Immortal is late, and in the past few months, the beta game has received extensive testing and praise.
It can be assumed that Activision Blizzard will postpone the release to 2022, mainly because the sexism scandal spread around Blizzard in the second half of 2021, and the Diablo launch will be drowned in general anger against the company.
As far as you know, Diablo Immortality should be launched soon.

Ashes of Creation
MMORPG hopes to continue where Everquest Next failed. With clever ideas, AoC hopes to create a simulated world that reacts to the player's behavior, thereby creating new situations that the player must deal with. The core of this idea is the node system. If the player takes specific actions near a node, the node will change: for example, if there are many activities around a village where the player is busy fishing, mining, or fishing, the town can become a city. However, all these civilizations may cause the sleeping dragon to wake up.

+ The connection system sounds great
+ Attractive optics
+ Bring fresh air to the genre

- The previous statement about the release was weird
- Test balloon battle royale distracts the main project

Planned to be achieved in 2022:
The coronavirus confuses some of the plans of Genesis Ashes. There is no specific date for 2022, yet it can be assumed that Alpha-1 will continue to operate sporadically and expand.
In recent months, Creation Ashes has become unusually quiet after the NDA falls in the summer and has received much information. The transition to Unreal Engine 5 will take some time and may cause short-term delays, but this should be beneficial for MMORPG development in the long run.

Project TL
The idea of ​​Project TL is that from an ISO perspective, just like in Diablo 3, you travel through a world full of thugs and riveting them together. From the ISO point of view, the action MMORPG should continue the famous Korean MMORPG series Paradise in the 2010s. This series is more meaningful to Korean MMORPG enthusiasts than World of Warcraft is more meaningful to European MMORPG enthusiasts.
It should be an action-rich MMORPG that combines Hack'n Slay and MMORPG elements to convert the old and fairly static MMORPG formula into a new, faster time. A new brief lineage in a short new world.

+ Reputable and experienced MMORPG company
+ One of the most potent MMORPG brands in the world
+ Unreal Engine 4 promises good graphics
+ From an ISO perspective, action MMORPGs are new

- Project TL has been in development hell for nine years
- Gaps in communication-usually paused in the broadcast for many years
- Do games still have priority in NCSoft's mobile frenzy?

Planned for 2022:
NCSoft has a poor communication policy regarding project TL. It will be released in 2019. Later, the beta version would be launched at the end of 2019-but. This was also covered up. As far as the project is concerned, nothing exciting will happen in 2020 and 2021. Only an internal test was announced.

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