What Do You Need to Know Before You Play Lost Ark on Day 1?

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What Do You Need to Know Before You Play Lost Ark on Day 1?


Lost Ark is a staggeringly complex game. If you're about to begin your journey but don't know what to do first, this Lost Ark Guide will give you 10 things you need to know on day 1 as you start playing Lost Ark.

1. Don't waste time clearing trash mobs in the open world

The vast majority of the experience that you gain is from completing main story quests, not by killing mobs. Killing random trash mobs that populate the open world may be a lot of fun because of how satisfying the combat feels, but you won't be receiving much from doing so.

2. You can change your skill build freely at any time

You aren't permanently locked into a skill build in Lost Ark. You're allowed to freely swap skills, skill points, runes, and tripod selections at any time. You don't need to stress what skills you want to invest in. If you suddenly realize you don't actually like the specific skill you've put a lot of skill points into, you can un-allocate them and put them towards another skill.

3. Use a pet

You'll get your first pet through a quest in Prideholme City. Pets will automatically loot all nearby items near you. In addition, with a Crystalline Aura active, pets will also allow you to repair your items, access your storage, access your mail, access the auction house, and give you access to secondary pet inventory.

4. Use your mounts

You'll get your first mount and access to the mounting system through a quest at Loghill Outpost. Use this mounting system liberally: it will save a ton of time getting from point A to B. While it may seem as if you're not going much faster than walking and using mobility skills, you will be. Some mounts even have special movement abilities on their spacebar that will significantly affect the speed at which they travel.

5. Join a guild!

Joining a guild is extremely important in Lost Ark, as there are many benefits to being in one. The reward for joining and participating in guild activities is Silmael Crystals, which can be used to purchase items such as upgrade materials, upgrade enhancement materials, ticket containers, silver containers, tripod powders, and experience potions.

6. Keep an eye on the type of potions you are using

In Lost Ark, there are two types of potions. The standard Healing Potions recover a flat amount of health every second, and the HP potions heal a percentage of your health instantly. The former is very cheap and plentiful throughout the leveling process. At the same time, the latter are the only options available to use in Raids and can only be obtained from consumable boxes, crafted, or bought off the auction house. The founder's packs will give you both Healing Potions and HP potions throughout your leveling process, so make sure to equip the right ones!

7. Don't ignore Trade Skills and your Stronghold

Trade Skills in Lost Ark are a straightforward way to make and save Lost Ark gold. You will unlock a Guide Quest that introduces Trade Skills in Lakebar Village, so I'd recommend you start using Trade Skills at this time. These trade skills include Mining, Fishing, Logging, Hunting, Excavating, and Foraging, which allow you to gather raw materials that can be used to craft items such as the aforementioned HP potions and other items such as bombs and ship parts.

8. Pay attention to Jewelry

Critical stats in Lost Ark mainly come from your jewelry. This means that having well-rolled jewelry is crucial to your success in Lost Ark and is where the majority of your in-game gold will be allocated towards. It is essential to pay attention to your jewelry, as they will be mandatory pieces for any build that you plan on playing.

9. Keep an eye on your Engravings

Engravings are passive buffs to your character that are incredibly important in the endgame of Lost Ark. Most engravings usually act as multiplicative increases to your character's damage or utility. Class Engravings, exclusive to each class, can fundamentally change how your character plays as soon as you activate them.

10. Use Signal Flares during Guardian Raids

A necessary consumable that you need to be aware of is Signal Flares. Signal Flares will show you where the Guardian is on the map when they are used. Therefore, please use Signal Flares to save yourself some valuable time and frustration.

That wraps up our Lost Ark Getting Started Guide. What did you think of this guide? Also, stay tuned for more Lost Ark Guides, and be sure to check out lostark.gold.

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