Lost Ark Beginner Tips

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Lost Ark is a staggeringly complex game, so it's difficult for new players to get started. Here are some simple and quickfire tips to get you off to a good start.


Lost Ark Beginner Tips

1. The max character level in Lost Ark is level 50. You can level up several alt characters while working toward your account level.

2. In the NA/EU version of the game, you start at level 10 with some skills already unlocked. Don't be confused. This is just the way it is.

3. Simple tips for gear while you level: upgrade gear with a blue "arrow" on it, always redeem your Adventure items (yellow arrow), and focus on the main quest if you want to maximize your time to reward.

4. There is a fast travel system in Lost Ark called "Tripods," these cost a small amount of silver that can be used to travel between set locations on the same continent. You can fast travel from anywhere at any time.

5. You unlock your mount through the main story early on, and you should be using it almost all the time from then. Mounting up is an instant process in Lost Ark, and mounts give a vast movement speed boost. It's easy to forget, especially if going a short distance, but almost always worth it to mount up.

6. You can get a free pet by completing a quest in the first main hub town. Make sure to complete this quest. Pets help collect loot, primarily, although high-level pets will also provide small buffs.

7. Speaking of moving around – don't forget about Lost Ark's fast travel points. They're displayed as triangles within a circle on the minimap and are vital for quickly traveling long distances. You need to remember to use them whenever you need to go far for a quest and click on them in every new area to unlock them. It's a terrible feeling to want to go back somewhere but then realize you forgot to open the fast travel point.

8. You can reset skills at any time for absolutely no cost, which makes it easier to experiment with different builds.

9. When you first start leveling up, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the skill system. There are many skills, and at every level, you gain more and more points to unlock more and more things. Don't worry, and it is a bit complicated! To make things quick and easy, you should focus on leveling just one or two skills. Generally, these should be skills with AoE damage, which will allow you to easily plow through hordes of monsters while you progress through the story.

10. If you're unsure which skills to level or how you want to play your character, you can always test things out in the training ground. The training ground allows you to spend your points anywhere you'd like, giving you the option to test out any combination of skills. It's an excellent tool for testing your class, and you should make sure to take advantage of it.

11. Throughout the main story, you'll be rewarded with hundreds of potions. Make sure to use them, whether it be to stay alive or maximize your damage. That's what they're there for, and especially with health potions, it's better to use on than to die and have to start things over again.

12. The fastest and most efficient way to level up and hit the end game is to follow the main story. It gives a ton of experience good rewards and will get you quickly where you want to go. You will miss out on things like the free pet, extra life skill items, other Lost Ark items, and some songs, but if you want to get to the end game ASAP, the main story is the way to go. You can always come back and unlock the things you missed later.

Now that you've read these tips, you're set and ready to succeed in Lost Ark. For more Lost Ark content like this, check out the news page of lostark.gold.

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