Lost Ark: How to Obtain and Upgrade Cards?

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Before we published the lost ark currency guide, such as how to get lost ark gold, silver, shillings, etc., and now we'll bring you the card guide.

Cards in Lost Ark are a particular type of collectible and complete your card collection to enhance your character's combat stats, defenses, and more. Here, we'll be going over how to obtain and upgrade cards in Lost Ark.


Lost Ark: How to Obtain and Upgrade Cards?

How to Obtain Cards?

Cards can drop from just about every activity in Lost Ark. As long as you're playing the game, you'll come across a few of these cards. Below is a shortlist of the most common sources of cards:

• Daily and weekly missions
• Dungeons
• Raids
◦ Guardians can drop their own Legendary card
• Chaos Dungeons
• Vendors
• Rapport Rewards

Most of your cards will come from dailies, weeklies, dungeons, and raids. Raids are a perfect spot to farm for cards, as Guardian bosses in specific raids have a slight chance to drop their self-named Legendary card. Legendaries cards are the hardest of the bunch to obtain, and some of the game's best sets require multiple Legendary cards to receive their total set bonus.

Where Can I Find Card Drop Sources?

Lost Ark's in-game codex lists out the drop sources for every card in the game. You can find it right under your mini-map. It's the left-most option. Open it up, scroll down to "Cards," then look up the specific card you need. The codex will then list every drop source for that card.

How to Equipping Cards?

Cards themselves do not give any bonuses. To gain rewards, you must equip 2 or more cards of the same set. You can view your settings to the left of the menu, use right-click to equip a card.

Up to 6 cards can be equipped. Most sets give bonuses at 2, 3, 4, or 6 cards.

Bonuses usually give defensive traits, which aren't particularly relevant but will provide you with a slight advantage.

How to Upgrade Cards?

By looking at the bonuses of a set, you may notice that there's something called "Awakening Level." That equals the level of that card.

Most sets will give you extra bonuses if the sum of the level of the cards is higher or equal to some value.

To awaken/upgrade a card, you must go to the "Enhance" / "Workshop" tab on the top left.

Upgrading a card requires Card Experience and a duplicate of that card. You can view your experience on the top right of the upgrade menu. You can earn more experience with unique cards such as CardCreation Fragment, obtained from the same sources as regular cards.

To upgrade a card, select it, fill its XP bar, click the button to continue, and then you'll need to use a duplicate of that card to finish upgrading. Cards can be upgraded up to level 5.

Now you know how to get and upgrade cards in Lost Ark. When the game arrives, try them out. You will get unexpected results!

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