How to Change Your Mouse Controls in Lost Ark?

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In Lost Ark, we have a series of guides to help you improve your game experiences, such as how to get Lost Ark Gold, Shillings, Pets, Cards, etc. Today, we're bringing a new guide on changing mouse controls.

Your character in Lost Ark is controlled mainly with your mouse for both moving and attacking. But you have to choose between two mouse controls—whether to attack with your left click and move with your right or reverse it, moving with your left click and attacking with your right. Either works just fine, but you can change depending on your experience with other games. Here's how to change your mouse controls in Lost Ark:

How to Change Your Mouse Controls in Lost Ark?

How do you change the controls in Lost Ark?

Changing your mouse controls is very simple:

1). To change mouse controls, press Esc when playing the game.

2). Click on Settings (bottom right corner).

3). Then, when in the settings menu, click on Hotkeys in the left menu to make more options appear underneath, click on Basic Controls.

4). Once clicked, you'll have a menu of controls on the right side. The option you need to tick/untick is Attack with Right-click. If Attack with Right-click is unticked, you attack with the Left-click and move with your Right-click. If ticked, it means you attack with Right-click and move with Left-click.

5). Tick or untick this option and then press Apply and Confirm. Once done, go back to the game and test out the new mouse control. If you prefer it, no more changes need to be made. If not, repeat the steps above.

You can also adjust your keyboard layout in the settings:

    • Open the menu with Esc.
    • Click Settings at the bottom.
    • Select the control and display under the menu item "Game Experience."
    • There you will find a dropdown menu for rearranging the keyboard layout.
    • Then press Save, and you can enjoy your new layout.

Which settings can still be made?

In principle, you can reassign many keys, including:

    • Attack with the keyboard
    • Automatic moving
    • The different skills
    • The hotkeys for using items
    • The basic menu guidance

However, options such as hiding the UI (always "ALT + X"), displaying the booty names (always "ALT"), and interacting via the keyboard (always "G" and "H") cannot be changed.

How do you fight in Lost Ark anyway?

You move through the game world with mouse clicks (either right or left). With the other mouse button, you carry out a simple attack. However, this attack can also be carried out using the keyboard (the "C" key by default).

Already in the tutorial, you get a handful of skills that you can use with the keys "Q, W, E, R, A, S" or another assignment of your choice. Potions and items are, on the other hand, potions and items are on the keys "F1" and the numbers 1-9.

Try out some of the different key/button options to see what suits you best. Also, got any tips to change your Lost Ark mouse and keyboard settings? Let us know in the comments below.

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